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Baraka is a popular character from the Mortal Kombat series since the first game and got the honor to be in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe as one of only 4 MK characters who were not in the first game already.

In MK vs DC, Baraka also was the only character who had to completely different movesets, one with fast attacks without his blades and  – as you can guess –  a weapon based moveset with slower but more powerful and ranged attacks with his blades.

In this game, he plays again the unpredictable warrior, but even he realizes the danger of the “Rage” and fights together with the others against Shao Kahn and Darkseid.


Our illustration of him in his Mk vs DC Universe design was drawn by Guilherme “Danaki” Gabarrão from Brazil! You can compare his work with the original render of Baraka from MK vs DC below.

Baraka MK vs DC

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Baraka Mortal Kombat vs DC MK Art Tribute

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