Keese LoZ for Link's Blacklist

Uh oh..what’s lurking there in the dark and waits for prey to use its fangs on? Can Link defend himself with the Boomerang against this swarm of bat-like creatures known as Keese in Hyrule?

Keese Legend of Zelda

LargeStupidity from Germany drew the Keese in its original form and the typical LoZ dungeon layouts back from 1986 when we started our second Link’s Blacklist Round in 2013. Sadly he is inactive now since a good while.


Keese LOZ

The Keese are bat like enemies that made appearances in almost all Zelda games to date. Back in the classic Legend of Zelda they were mostly seen in the dungeons and attack Link there in little groups often. They can be defeated easily but can become a threat if Link was hurt before  or there are other enemies and obstacles in the room.

The Keese looked almost like normal bats back in the original Legend of Zelda, today they have quite different designs ūüôā


Keese from Skyward Sword


Other Keese enemies in Link’s Blacklist:

None yet.




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