King Dodongo LOZ OoT for Link's Blacklist

Wow its getting hot in here!

Úrsula Dorada from Brazil drew the mighty King Dodongo in his Boss Arena from Zelda OoT for Link’s Blacklist Round II and submitted this piece in the April 2013 short before the deadline 🙂

This is her second Zelda artwork featured in the LB Art Project, check out her Queen Gohma piece as well!


The King Dodongo is a fire breathing giant Dinosaur / Lizard and also the boss of the second dungeon the Dodongo’s Cavern in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The King Dodongo breathes fire at Link and hunts him through the whole boss arena around a lava pit.

Link’s only chance are either his own bombs or those from the Bomb Flowers there in the Boss Arena.

When the King Dodongo is sucking in a lot air to use it for his flame attacks, Link must be quick and throw a Bomb into Dodongo’s big mouth. If he manages that, Dodongo will faint for a while and is vulnerable to sword attacks.


 King Dodongo Zelda OoT


King Dodongo Screen

The King Dodongo is also known as the “Infernal Dinosaur” in Zelda OoT

Dodongo’s are actually recurring enemies in the Legend of Zelda  series and made their debut in the first Zelda already, their design changed a lot through the years though.

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