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Kitana vs Cyrax

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Kitana using her Steel Fans

After her victory over the Armies of Shao Kahn in Edenia and Outworld, Princess Kitana hoped for a new era of peace, but her hopes were crushed soon as troops of undead soldiers under the banners of the sorcerers Shang Tsung and Quan Chi appeared and started to bring the terror of war back to the realms.

Kitana’s own troops were slain easily by the undead army and she had to watch how the souls of her former friends were drawn into a giant Soulnado by the Deadly Alliance.

She joined the small troop of warriors chosen by Lord Raiden to oppose this new threat.

This is the second MK Art Tribute submission by Tero Pirinen, if you like his art, check out Sektor from MK3 as well.

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