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Kitana, Princess of Edenia and leader of the Shokan Warriors in the events of Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance had a really rhough time behind her, not only did Liu Kang not come with her after they defeated the fallen elder god Shinnok (during MK4) he also got killed by the new formed “Deadly Alliance” between the two sorcerers Quan Chi and Shang Tsung.

Her other good friend, Prince Goro was killed in battle with the army of Shao Kahn short before too.

And still, she gives not up and continues to fight for Edenia and her friends from the Earthrealm while risking her own life.

Kitana got a great mix of her MK II and MK 3 designs in MK Deadly Alliance as her standard costume there. Jodie Muir‘s illustration of this look, made for our Mortal Kombat Fan Art Tribute on Game Art HQ shows it in all its beauty.

This is the second MK Art Tribute submission by Jodie, if you like her art, check out Noob Saibot from MK9 as well.




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