Compare this Lillith cosplay art by the cosplayer Alba “DawnArts” Herrera and her photographer and photoediter Rubén “Hidrico”Madrid with the original Lilith from Borderlands 2 below

Lilith Borderlands 2

The differences are rather marginal, the costume made by Alba looks flawless and like a 1:1 version,Alba herself looks like she would have a photoshoot on Pandora 🙂

Rubén added effects to the photo which gave it the “cell shaded” comic look of the Borderlands games and only a fitting background scenery/image it missing from this one now. It makes me wonder what we can expect from Borderlands 3 on the Playstation 4.

If you like this cosplay, please visit the galleries by Alba Herrera and Rubén Madrid on dA!

Lilith Borderlands Cosplay

Click to enlarge the cosplay art by Alba Herrera and Rubén Madrid