Zelda TP Artwork by_katatafisch

LoZ TP: Death Mountain Trail

Link from Zelda by Elizabeth Sherry

Classic OoT Link Portrait

triforce_and_a_bit_of_darkness_by Luis Santiago

The Triforce and a bit Darkness

After the big success of our Art Project “Link’s Blacklist”¬† about all the Monsters and Boss Characters from the Legend of Zelda games i had enough from Ganon, Link and Princess Zelda, but now around 2 Months later its finally time for new Zelda Art to arrive on GAHQ ūüôā

This includes a damn good looking Twilight Princess Artwork which you see on the top, two battle scenes drawn by Carlos Corea, the weird but tasty looking Majoras Mask Cake!  A classic looking portrait of good old Link, another portrait of Princess Zelda and last but not least a very special Triforce.

Hope some among you like these artworks which were all made by gamers like my and probably yourself!

fierce_deity_link vs Ganon by Carlos Corea

Fierce Deity Link vs Ganon

Link vs Ganon Ocarina of Time by Carlos Corea

Link’s Victory

Majoras Mask Cake by_cakecrumbs thumb

Majoras Mask Cake

Princess Zelda Skyward Sword Portrait by_class34 thumb

 Princess Zelda