fierce_deity_link vs Ganon by Carlos Corea

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Here we have the Fierce Deity Link from Zelda: Majoras Mask battling Ganondorf who seems to have serious problems with his opponent. This battle is just an idea of Carlos Corea from Georgia (USA) but indeed it would have been an epic fight.

Who knows, maybe we see a Legend of Zelda game about weird masks again and the Fierce Deity Link makes a return and would fight Ganon?

Carlos wrote also:

“This one is dedicated to Nintendo Power the magazine. This month’s issue was its last issue. I love what the Internet and computers represent, but it’s always sad to remember common things that are dying because of all the new technology.”

Very true..classic Video Game Magazines printed on paper are on their way to extinction. I must admit i did not buy a magazine now since over ten years already, and see it in a more positive light. We safe the wood/paper resources, reading news in the Internet is a lot cheaper as well as a ton more up to date as well. And more or less everything in a magazine has been replaced through websites..from reviews up to interviews ..and hey..gameplay videos and big screenshots are seriously a ton better than those small pictures in magazines ūüėČ