Finally, after a long and bloody battle, Link defeated Ganon with the final blow of his sword directly in Ganons Head..which caused the sword to break. The corpse of the once so powerful..and power hungry tyrant was nothing more than a bloody mess now.

Link stood upon him, still not believing that the fight was over, and ready to use what was left of his sword to fight until his death. Link changed. He was not the nice little guy anymore ..he was a killer, who slayed down hundreds of monsters, beasts, undead creatures and not a few women of the Gerudo clan with no remorse….

Okay, if you’ve read this, you know that i am a fan of bloody stories and not the usual “weee i saved ze princess..excuuuuuse me!” end of the most Legend of Zelda games..and this drawing by Carlos Corea just made me think how a Zelda for adults could be like ūüėČ




Link vs Ganon Ocarina of Time by Carlos Corea