It has been a long while since we did our Street Fighter Art Tribute in 2012, and the most of our SF themed galleries did not grow in those 12 months.

Time to change that a bit in September and October 2013 with a new article every sunday in the next weeks which will feature 5 Street Fighter fan art images for 5 SF characters by different artists with the target to feature more artists on Game-Art-HQ and have a much bigger variation of styles in the fan art sectors here!

This is the 3rd article which features art of Chun Li from Street Fighter II, Gill and Ibuki from Street Fighter III, Hakan from Super Street Fighter IV and Poison who will be a playable character in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

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Ibuki Fan Art by Rob Crump

by Rob Crump

Let’s start with this Ibuki from Street Fighter III Fan Art by Rob Crump an artist from New York who drew a lot great fighting game related fan art a while ago and also participated in our Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Art Gallery with a Juri Han submission. I like his style which reminded me at grafitti art often. If you want to know more about this guy i recommend you to read this interview i did with him in 2011.

Gill Street Fighter Fan Art by Lucio López Iñiguez

by Lucio López Iñiguez


Lucio López Iñiguez from Chile drew the rather unknown Gill, the main antagonist of the Street Fighter III games for our Boss Tribute back in November 2011, one of our first Art Collaborations. He enhanced the submission a bit however in 2012 and added more background details.

This newer version of his illustration will replace his first version now.

You can see the very unknown character Kolin and a group of the Illuminate there who resurrected Gill before.



Chun Li by Julia Lichty 

Chun Li by Julia Lichty

Poison the Trap Fan Art by_onichan_xd

Poison by OnichaN-XD

Hakan Street Fighter Art by Jaime Herrera

Hakan by Jaime Herrera

Julia Lichty draws a lot of more than awesome game related fan art and was featured multiple times on Game-Art-HQ already. in July 2012 she drew this illustration of Chun Li preparing her Kikosho special move in the streets of somewhere in China.

Poison from the Final Fight and Street Fighter games was and is a long time controversial character with many believing that she is a real shemale nad has an evil surprise for all guys who believe she is just a beautiful and sexy girl. This fan art of her by OnichaN-XD was just too tempting to oversee it 😛

Another funny one, Hakan the Turkish oil wrestler from Super Street Fighter IV is a damn weirdo in the games and its just natural to draw something funny with him or? At least Jaime Herrera from Spain did so and created a really cool piece there i think!

You can see the five Street Fighter fan arts of the last week here

See ya next Sunday!