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Simon Belmont vs Death in Castlevania 1 by Brendan Corris

I’ll whip yer sorry arse, DEATH!

And thats the bottom line because Simon Belmont has no problem beating even the Grimreaper himself if he has to.

This was the first submission for our upcoming Castlevania Art Tribute which will published on Game Art HQ in the first February week!

Over 20 artworks were drawn and submitted for this project, they range from Castlevania I up to the upcoming Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, the project will also be accompanied by an interview with the Chastlevania Lords of Shadow 1&2 Character Concept Artist.

Simon Belmont versus Death in the first Castlevania, above illustrated above by the awesome Brandon Corris, and to the right how it was 1986 back in the eight bit era.

Like with a lot boss battles there were always a few really simple tactics how to beat the bosses, ..the problem was more to find these out and not getting in panic because it took hours to reach a boss and you had just one or 2 lifes left ūüôā

Back when you could not save whenever you wanted or were “respawned” just a few seconds away from the boss, video games were a damn lot harder to beat.

 Castlevania Death Boss Battle Screenshot

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