After defeating giant dragons, flying eyes and slaying himself through whole hordes of Moblins and many other enemies, Link had to confront Ganon himself to save the Kingdom of Hyrule. A villain that can use a strong type of sorcery and looks like a giant blue boar…

Ganon LoZ Sprite

Well, some slight redesigns were made by the artist behind this, Chris Zesiul  from the USA. He mentioned that he wanted to see how the original Ganon could look if he was a part of a modern game and that’s why our classic Ganon is not all that blue in this part of Link’s Blacklist.

Chris joined Link’s Blacklist again after his take on the classic Ganon and created one of the most unusual illustrations of Ganon in general with his fan art of Ganon in the Wii U game Nintendoland. and its Battle Quest mini-game.

You can see his whole gallery here.



Fight Ganon NES

Ganon is the main antagonist and final boss in the classic Legend of Zelda and a true challenge for our green clothed hero.

He can teleport himself through the boss room and shoots fast fireballs at Link who has to use his Magical Sword and swing it at the Triforce of Power holder. If he hit Ganon often enough he will be stunned and can be defeated with a well placed Silver Arrow.

Ganon became one of the recurring main antagonists in the Legend of Zelda series and might be a re-incarnation of Demise from LoZ: Skyward Sword.



Ganon LoZ Concept Original

  Ganon (Boar/Beast-Form) in other parts of Link’s Blacklist:


Ganon (ALTTP)

Ganon OoT LB2015

Ganon (OoT)

Ganon LoZ TP Beast Form for Link's Blacklist

Ganon (TP)

Ganon Nintendoland Battle Quest for Link's Blacklist

Zelda: Battle Quest


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