furnix skyward sword

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Our Furnix contribution is the most unusual one for Link`s Blacklist so far.

This Furnix Cake was created by the australian artist Rhiannon aka Cakecrumbs, an extraordinary girl who draws, bakes, creates artisan crafts and god knows what else!

Read her own description:

“Now. I can’t draw for nuts, so I turned to a medium I’m a bit more advanced in. This turned out to be the most ambitious, stressful, ridiculous cake I’ve ever done. I’ve gone into detail on the blog about half of the crap that went wrong with this cake, so I won’t bore you with it.

Tech details: The cake + topper stands a total of just under 30cm high, and the Furnix topper has a wingspan of 24cm. Cake is butter cake that begins red at the base and gradually progresses to yellow at the top. Layered and covered with buttercream and then fondant ruffles.

The Furnix topper is predominantly fondant. I used a wire frame to support the structure. All of the feathers on the cake were individually cut. I have no idea how long it took me all up, but for the topper alone it was about 5 full days of work. Not counting making the wire frame and repairing all the breakages, colouring the fondant, etc. “

Excellent and interesting work, it is a pleasure to have you onboard our Zelda Project!

Furnix Fight

The Furnix is a bird like enemy in Zelda: Skyward Sword

They spit fireballs, and according to Fi, they even eat flames. It is relative hard to get them down, Link has to hit their tails actually to beat them.

Furnix Zelda SS Render 


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