ganondorf ocarina_of_time


This is Ganondorf , the Zelda main antagonist that was only seen in his boar-like Ganon form previously.He appeared in his human form for the first time in  Zelda: Ocarina of Time, drawn by Aly K. Sasagawa from the USA for our Link`s Blacklist Art Project


Ganon OoT In-Game Render


 Ganondorf Zelda Ocarina of Time Link's Blacklist 2015

“Here is the Zelda: Ocarina of Time Ganondorf. Another of those rare times when I actually manage to come up with an idea for drawing Ganondorf.

Made with Krita.”


Our 2nd take on Ganondorf from OoT was drawn by Angelus-Tenebrae

Fight Ganon Ocarina of Time

Ganon, the main Antagonist of the Legend of Zelda series returned in Ocarina of Time, and for the first time he was not illustrated as the boar like monster but had a more human look this time.

This will change during the final battle but he still is a lot different now as before.

Ganon Render from Ocarina of Time

Ganons Render in the original OoT

Ganon Render from Ocarina of Time 3D

And his slightly redesigned new Render from the 3D Version

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