Duskull using Will-O-Wisp by CrimzonLogic

Rachel from the USA drew Pokemon using their attacks long before we started our Tribute last year and I was happy that she joined the Gen II Project with Entei and also Spinarak later. In 2018, she submitted her take on Duskull for the Gen III Tribute. Her contributions are pretty unique in our series of Pokemon art collaborations since they are drawn with watercolor unlike the most submissions that were created with digital tools.


Have a look at her whole gallery that is a blast to watch here please!


“Will-O-Wisp inflicts a burn on the target. It has no effect on Fire-type Pokémon.”

Will-O-Wisp is a fire type move originally introduced in Ruby and Sapphire. A fire-type status condition move that leaves the foe with a burn.

This move is great for leaving a lasting impression on a Pokemon and can even be used as a contest combination when used straight after Sunny Day for bonus points. The downfall of this move is that it won’t affect fire-type Pokemon.

Ninetales was the first of the currently three Pokemon that were illustrated using the Will-O-Wisp move for our project so far!


Duskull using Memento by GlitzerKirby

GlitzerKirby is one of the German artists that followed the call and joined GA-HQ due to the Pokemon Tribute in 2016. His three Generation I contributions covered Hitmonchan, Voltorb and finally Doduo with the Run Away move that nobody else drew in the Gen I & II Projects. He returned quickly in both our Gen II and Gen III Tributes and is on board the just started Gen IV Project as well!

You can see his whole gallery on dA here!


“The user faints. Sharply lowers the target’s stats.”

Memento is one of the Dark-Type moves and was introduced in the Generation III games. It does not deal damage but will cause the target to lose 2 stages of its attack and special attack stats. The user will faint however. So far, only Duskull is using it in our Project. 




“Duskull wanders lost among the deep darkness of midnight. There is an oft-told admonishment given to misbehaving children that this Pokémon will spirit away bad children who earn scoldings from their mothers”



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