Combusken using Double Kick by Saskle

Saskle joined Game-Art-HQ years ago and participated in multiple of our art collaborations already.  She joined our Pokemon Tribute as one of the first artists in May 2016 and drew Charmeleon and Kakuna for it. In 2017 she returned with Wobbuffett and Larvitar while she contributed  Combusken Grovyle, Marshtomp and Lairon  when we continued our Project with Gen III!  

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Double Kick

“A double-kicking attack that strikes the foe twice.“

Double Kick is a multi-striking Fighting-Type move introduced in Generation I.

The user kicks its opponent two times in succession, with the first kick being the only opportunity to land a Critical Hit. From Generation II and onward, each strike varies in damage. Combusken can learn Double Kick when it evolves.

Combusken using Flame Charge by Kosmotiel

Kosmotiel from Australia is a big Nintendo fan and a part of this community since years. Her contributions for our first Pokemon Art Tribute were the mighty Articuno and the fierce Gengar. She continued to be a part of our Pokemon Tributes in 2017 & 2018 and contributed her takes on Natu and Espeon from Gen II and Combusken, Altaria, Swablu and Breloom in our Generation III Collaboration!


Have a good look at her whole gallery at dA!

Flame Charge

“Cloaking itself in flame, the user attacks. Then, building up more power, the user raises its Speed stat.”

The Flame Charge is a Fire-Type move that was introduced in the Generation V Pokemon games.

Beside dealing damage to the enemy, it also raises the user’s Speed by one level.  It can be learnt through TM43. Combusken can also learn the move at level 20, starting from Generation VI.

#256 Combusken

“It lashes out with 10 kicks per second. Its strong fighting instinct compels it to keep up its offensive until the opponent gives up.”

Combusken is a dual fire / fighting type Pokémon first introduced in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.  Torchic evolves into this form at level 16 and can then go on to evolve into Blaziken at level 32.

Combusken still has the hot flame in its body like its previous evolution, getting bigger as it battles as shown with spewing hot flames from its beak.  Its legs are much more steady, now being used to fight with newfound physical strength.  It can give out harsh cries to its opponent, deals up to 10 kicks per second, plus its outstanding stamina means it can just keep going until its opponent concedes.  It maintains the high speed and power in its legs by running across fields and mountains.

May’s Torchic evolved into a Combusken during its plight to gain attention from her, reaching this form after ending up in a battle against a group of Shroomish.  As Combusken, it would be much more confident and decisive, no longer feeling as if it’s competing for anything from Beautifly.  Its strong performances and involvement in Pokémon Contests were also key to her entry and final placements at Slateport City’s Hoenn Grand Festival (top 8) and the Indigo Plateau’s Kanto Grand Festival (top 4).

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