Articuno used Ice Beam by SaraKpn

SaraKpn from Belgium was invited by me to become a member of the Game-Art-HQ community after I saw some of her video game related works in her gallery, especially an impressive take on Jak and Daxter..a game series that will get a new game sooner or later I hope.

I was surprised to see her joining the Pokemon Gen I Tribute with her wonderful take on the legendary Articuno bird!


“An Ice-type attack. Has a one-in-ten chance of freezing the target solid”

Ice Beam is a powerful ice-type move first introduced in generation I. The user blasts an icy beam onto it’s foe, having a 10% chance of also freezing them solid. Ice Beam was TM13 in Generation before being dropped in Generation II and returning to its original TM13 from Generation III onwards.



Articuno used Blizzard by Kosmotiel

Kosmotiel from Australia is a big Nintendo fan and a part of this community since years. Her contributions for our first Pokemon Art Tribute were the mighty Articuno and the fierce Gengar. Have a good look at her whole gallery at dA!


“The strongest Ice-type attack. Has a one-in-ten chance of freezing the target solid”

Blizzard is a powerful ice-type move that has been known as TM14 from the first generation onward. It is the strongest ice-type attack that summons an incredibly brutal blizzard to attack the foe with a 10% chance of also freezing them. Articuno can learn Blizzard at level 78.



“A legendary bird Pokémon with long and distinctive tail feathers. Said to appear if you are freezing on a snowy mountain”

Articuno is one of the legendary birds from the first generation and is an Ice/Flying type. It is a very popular Pokemon due to having a big appearance in the second Pokemon Movie:

The Power of One alongside it’s fellow legendary birds as well as Lugia from Johto. Articuno’s name is a mix of ‘Arctic’ and ‘Uno, the Spanish word for one, a recurring theme for the three legendary birds.


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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