Marshtomp using Mud Shot by mi-spark

The sparkly Mimi is a student from the USA that joined GA-HQ and our Pokemon Generation Tributes in 2018 and was actually one of the first “new” artists on board. Her Marshtomp was done on the 16th January already, just two weeks after we announced the big project. Her Volbeat followed in August. May more follow in our future art collborations ūüôā

Check out her sparkly gallery here please!

Mud Shot

“Hurls mud at the foe and reduces speed. “

Mud Shot is a Ground-Type attack move introduced in Generation III. With moderate power and 95% accuracy, it then lowers the target’s speed which is where it’s main usefulness comes from.

A pretty filthy move for sure with some very muddy results. Marshtomp learns Mud Shot upon evolution.

Marshtomp using Mud Bomb by Saskle 

Saskle joined Game-Art-HQ years ago and participated in multiple of our art collaborations already.  She joined our Pokemon Tribute as one of the first artists in May 2016 and drew Charmeleon and Kakuna for it. In 2017 she returned with Wobbuffett and Larvitar while she contributed  Combusken Grovyle, Marshtomp and Lairon  when we continued our Project with Gen III!  

Have a good look at her whole gallery here!

Mud Bomb

‚ÄúThe user launches a hard-packed mud ball to attack. This may also lower the target‚Äôs accuracy.‚ÄĚ

Mud Bomb¬†is a damage-dealing Ground-type move in which the user launches a mud ball at their opponent that also has the chance to lower their accuracy. It was first introduced in generation IV and is a move that Pokemon with the ability ‚ÄėBulletproof‚Äô will be immune to.

Its base power is 65 and it has a base PP of 10, however it can be buffed up to 16 using items. The chance of lowering accuracy of the opponent is 30%. Level 25 (22 from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire onward) is when Marshtomp can learn Mud Bomb.

#259 Marshtomp

“Its toughened hind legs enable it to stand upright. Because it weakens if its skin dries out, it replenishes fluids by playing in mud.”

Marshtomp is a dual water / ground type Pokémon first introduced in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.  Mudkip evolves into this form at level 16 and can then go on to evolve into Swampert at level 32.

Having adapted more to unsteady mud surfaces, Marshtomp move much faster in mud than they do in water and now have a sticky film on their bodies that allow them to live on land.¬† Its hind legs are much more developed, allowing it to walk on them and stand upright regardless of the ground’s moisture levels.¬† When not in combat, it likes to play in muddy beaches during low tides, which also dampens its skin to replenish itself.¬† Much like its previous form, it also buries itself in dirt when going to sleep.

Brock’s Mudkip evolved into a Marshtomp during the Battle Frontier arc of the anim√©, taking this form on while training with Ash’s Grovyle.¬† Much like its previous evolution, it maintained a serious and parent-like personality towards other Pok√©mon, but it started becoming more flirtatious like its own trainer.¬† The fins on its head were also useful to detect kidnapped Pok√©mon – and people! – mostly from the hands of Team Rocket.¬† Currently, Marshtomp is living in the Pewter City gym while Brock is in training as a Pok√©mon doctor.


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