Quagsire used Mud Bomb by Dragonith

Dragonith from the USA is a Game-Art-HQ member since around threeyears now and participated in a good handful of our projects so far. He draws a ton of different stuff and contributed Aerodactyl and Quagsire illustrations for our Pokemon Tribute so far.


Have a look at his whole gallery here!

Mud Bomb

“The user launches a hard-packed mud ball to attack. This may also lower the target’s accuracy.”

Mud Bomb is a damage-dealing Ground-type move in which the user launches a mud ball at their opponent that also has the chance to lower their accuracy. It was first introduced in generation IV and is a move that Pokemon with the ability ‘Bulletproof’ will be immune to.

Its base power is 65 and it has a base PP of 10, however it can be buffed up to 16 using items. The chance of lowering accuracy of the opponent is 30%.

Quagsire is the currently only Pokemon in our tribute that used the Mud Bomb!



Quagsire used Yawn by xOwleyex

Phi Nguyen from the USA joined Game-Art-HQ this year and quickly claimed the lovely Quagsire as his first contribution to one of our art collaborations! He also participated in other art projects and draws a lot Pokemon related fan art among other things.

Check out his gallery here!




“A huge yawn lulls the foe into falling asleep on the next turn”

Yawn is one of the pretty unconventional Pokemon moves and was introduced in Generation III.  You know how often other people will yawn if you just yawned? Now imagine your yawn will make the other people so tired that they will fall asleep..this is basically how Yawn works in Pokemon.

The opponent will fall asleep after the next round unless it is already afflicted by a non-volatile status condition. Yawn won’t work if the opponent has the Sweet Veil ability though.

Slowpoke was the first Pokemon that used Yawn in our Pokemon Art Collaboration!


#195 – Quagsire

“This carefree Pokémon has an easy-going nature. While swimming, it always bumps into boat hulls.”


Quagsire is the first Water/Ground dual-type Pokemon and the second and final form of the Wooper line.

Based off the design of a giant salamander, Quagsire always sports the same smiley expression passed up from the Wooper evolution and the name ‘Quagsire’ is derived from the word ‘Quagmire’ which is a wetland terrain without forest cover.

In the Pokemon anime a group of quagsire could be seen during the Blue Moon Falls fesitval where Quagsire would gather at the full moon and try and shoot cylindrical objects towards the moon to see who can shoot theirs the highest. One Quagsire in particular stole Ash’s GS Ball to participate in the activities.


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