Mew used Psychic by Sunshineshiny

Sunshineshiny joined the GA-HQ community with her take on Mew in May 2016, she draws a ton of cute fan art of all kinds which can be seen here.


“A Psychic-type attack. Has a one-in-three chance of lowering the target’s Special rating”

Psychic (Known in Japan as  Psychokinesis) is one of the most popular Psychic-Type moves.

It does not only deal damage to the enemy but has a 33,3% chance to lower the Special stats/moves by one stage. Since Gen II it also has a 10% chance to decrease the Special Defense by one stage. The first Pokemon in the Pokedex that can learn Psychic through learning is the Venonat btw. 


Mew used Reflect by Nekolloco

Nekolloco is one of the youngest artists that joined our Pokémon tribute but her submissions to it looked super cute and are among the most lovely of the over 300 artworks made for it I believe. 

She draws a lot other cute stuff as well which you can see in her dA gallery here


“Reduces damage from physical attacks by about half. A special Psychic-type move”

Reflect is a Psychic move and the physical counterpart of Light Screen. A shield is put up that reduces the amount of damage the user takes by half for up to 5 turns. In the Gamecube game ‘Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness’ the moves Brick Break and Shadow Shed could smash Reflect and stop it from being in use.



“A mythical Pokémon of South America which had been thought extinct. A growing number of people have seen it recently”

Mew is a mythical Psychic Pokemon, sharing its debut role alongside Mewtwo in the first ever Pokemon movie, ‘Mewtwo Strikes Back’. Mew’s DNA was used to genetically engineer Mewtwo whereas

Mew itself is so rare it is often considered to be a mirage by most researchers. It is considered to be the ancestor of all Pokemon due to being able to use moves of all different types.


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