Skiploom used Synthesis by NotEnoughCoffee

Lukas from Switzerland joined Game-Art-HQ just a few months before we started our first Pokemon Tribute, but he was one of the first who joined it back in May 2016. His contributed three of the Gen I Pokemon with Magneton as well as Omastar and the weird Porygon. In 2017 he returned with Skiploom.

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“The user restores its own HP. The amount of HP regained varies with the weather.“

A very interesting move, Synthesis is a Grass-Type non-attacking move that heals the user with a different amount of HP depending on what type of weather at the current time. With no weather, half of the user’s health is restored, in harsh sunlight 2/3 of HP is restored and in any other weather only 1/4 is restored.

If used in a contest after using Sunny Day beforehand then the competitor can gain an extra appeal point for this setup. Skiploom is actually the first Pokemon in our Project that used the Synthesis 🙂


Skiploom used Leech Seed by Cronoan

Heather from the USA is a very dedicated artist and gamer who participated in more video game art collaborations than the most artists I met online. She is not only a part of the Game-Art-HQ Community since around 2014 and her submission to our 20th Anniversary of Super Metroid Tribute but also worked with musicians and video game music tribute album organizers. She also helped with a good couple of the Pokemon descriptions!

Have a look at her whole portfolio here please!

Leech Seed

“A seed is planted on the target. It steals some HP from the target every turn.”

Leech Seed is a Grass-type move that plants a seed on the opponent, sapping 1/16 of their health for every turn they are still in battle. This move works on any Pokemon apart from other Grass-types.

If Growth is used in a contest prior to using Leech Seed then the user can gain an extra 2 appeal points for using it as a setup, widely impressing the audience. Like Synthesis, the Leech Seed move was used for the first time by Skiploom in the GA-HQ Pokemon Tribute!


“The bloom on top of its head opens and closes as the temperature fluctuates up and down.”

Skiploom lives in grasslands and opens up the flower on its head as much as it can in order to get as much sunlight as possible. It can reach incredibly high temperatures and due to this has sometimes even been used as a thermometer. When it rains it instantly closes the flower up and tries to find somewhere to hide.

It is a Grass Pokemon that resembles a bulb very similar to that of a Dandelion. It’s shiny form is pink, a small nod to the fact that Hoppip was pink and it’s shiny form is green.

In the Pokemon anime, a trainer called Ephraim owned a Skiploom that battled against Ash’s Bulbasaur in the Grass tournament finals. Skiploom almost lost but learnt Solar Beam just in time to take out Bulbasaur, gifting Ephraim with the prize of a collection of Leaf Stones.

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