Mareep used Charge by maryd39 and by MeguBunnii

Mary from Ireland is a self called Pokemon addict and was fast to catch the 2nd Paras spot for our first Pokemon tribute in 2016. She returned with Mareep in 2017.


She draws a lot Pokemon as well as other stuff which you can find here!


Angie Rose aka MeguBunnii joined Game-Art-HQ with the Pokemon Gen I Tribute and was fast to claim Clefairy and also Gloom as her two cute contributions to this project. She returned for Gen II where she delivered once again with Chikorita and Mareep!



Please have a look at her whole portfolio here!



“Charges power to boost the electric move used next.”

Charge is a non-damaging Electric-Type move. It’s purpose is to charge up the powerful effects of the Electric-Types moves in the Pokemon’s repertoire of battle skills. If the user’s next move after Charge is Electric-Type, it will have double the effect and cause double the amount of damage.

In addition to raising the effects of Electric-Type moves; it now has the ability to raise the user’s Special Defense stats also.

Oly two of the currently 251 Pokemon in our Tribute were drawn using the Charge move yet. Voltorb from Gen I and Mareep that was illustrated using the Charge by both artists!


“ts fluffy coat swells to double when static electricity builds up. Touching it can be shocking.”


Mareep is a pure electric-type and the first evolution of the line of Mareep-Flaaffy-Ampharos. It strongly resembles a sheep and has been seen in a lot of Pokemon games and anime episodes residing on farms because of this.

Mareep’s huge fluffy coat of wool often rubs together to cause static charges and is constantly carrying electricity inside. It uses this electricity to keep itself cool during summer as well as keeping it warm during winter so the thick coat isn’t only useful for making clothing but also for the protection and well-being of the Pokemon.

A fun fact is that its shiny sprite is a pink colour, a small nod to the fact that Flaaffy, Mareep’s evolved form’s regular colour scheme is pink. Mareep’s regular colours are made to closer resemble those of a regular sheep.


Mareep is an electric sheep pokemon. Although it seems small and defenceless, the fluffy wool that covers its body makes an excellent static charge for Mareep’s abilities. Mareep is commonly found in fields and hills, particularly near farms. Domesticated Mareep wool is used to make quality clothing. Apparently the static which makes it so viable in battle is shed when the wool is sheared. 


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