The Midgar Zolom is an optional Boss in Final Fantasy VII (1997) that will battle the players party if he was not fast enough to conquer the Marshlands near the Mythril Mine dungeon entrance.

The Midgar Zolom from FFVII is also a Boss in Final Fantasy: Record Keeper (2014)

They are a species of giant serpents in Final Fantasy VII and under normal circumstances almost impossible to beat, the battle with Midgar Zolom can be used to gain the Blue Materia “Beta” which is a very powerful spell for the early parts of the game. 

In Japan the Midgar Zolom is known as Midgardsormr which debuted as one of the Espers in Final Fantasy VI and returned in slightly different designs in many of the later games including Final Fantasy XV (2016. Due to the different names and no 100% clarification on the matter we decided to give the Midgar Zolom its own gallery instead of merging it with Midgardsormr (yet)


The Midgar Zolom from the Final Fantasy Games: an Overview

Charactername: Midgar Zolom / Midgardsormr    Developed /Created by  Square-Enix
Gameseries:  Final Fantasy   First seen on:  Playstation
First Game: Final Fantasy VII   Year first seen:  1997
Last Game: Final Fantasy Record Keeper (2014)      
Role(s) and Characteristics: Boss      
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Final Fantasy VII (1997)



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The Midgar Zolom Fight in FFVII

by Ticcy



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