Chikorita used Sweet Scent by MeguBunnii

Angie Rose aka MeguBunnii joined Game-Art-HQ with the Pokemon Gen I Tribute and was fast to claim Clefairy and also Gloom as her two cute contributions to this project. She returned for Gen II where she delivered once again with Chikorita and Mareep!



Please have a look at her whole portfolio here!


The Sweet Scent

“A pleasant aroma that distracts the target, making the opponent easier to hit”

The Sweet Scent is one of the non-damaging moves and lowers the Evasion of the opponent which can be very useful against many of the faster Pokémon. It is one of the moves that were added in the Gen II Pokemon Gold and Silver games.

It got a bit stronger since the VI Generation games and lowers the Evasion rating for two instead of just one stages. Chikorita can learn Sweet Scent when it reached Level 28! It is also the only Generation II Pokemon that was illustrated using the Sweet Scent move.


Chikorita used Razor Leap by Phoenixbangbang

Phoenixbangbang from Thailand joined the Generation II Tribute and the Game-Art-HQ Community with his take on Chikorita using the Razor Leap move. It was a pleasant surprise to see Pbb joining our project and this beautiful illustration of Chikorita just speaks for itself!

Have a look at her whole gallery here but be warned, there are some nice NSFW works in her gallery as well!

The Razor Leaf

“A sharp-edged leaf is launched to slash at the foe. It has a high critical-hit ratio “

The Razor Leaf is a pure attack move with a high critical hit rate, as a nice side effect it also destroys grass patches in the backgrounds of the battles.

It is mostly used by the Grass-Type Pokémon with Bulbasaur being one of the first that could use it. The Razor Leaf is also used as a side special move by Ivysaur in Smash Bros. Brawl!  Chikorita learns the Razor Leaf already at level 6.


#152 Chikorita

“A sweet aroma gently wafts from the leaf on its head. It is docile and loves to soak up the sun’s rays.”


Chikorita is one of the three starter Pokemon first introduced in Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal. It represents the initial Grass-Type starter the player can choose at the beginning of the game. It evolves into Bayleef at Level 16 and then Meganium at Level 32.

Although they can be found out in the grasslands of Johto; they are mostly obtained by trainers through domestication as wild ones are rarely seen. Though this rule does not apply to Pokemon Go where they can be quite common to come by. Like many Grass-Type Pokemon, Chikorita appears to be a sentient plant using its leafy tendrils to absorb sunlight and interact with the changes in temperature. It’s most notable feature is its leafy crest which soaks up the sun’s rays.

When Chikorita first appeared in the Pokemon anime, it seemingly tried to squeeze its way past Pikachu as Ash’s most beloved Pokemon and friend. It refused to be switched out with Pikachu. Eventually though it evolved and became more interested in battling, while the iconic Pikachu remained the same and was still Ash’s most beloved Pokemon and friend.


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