Croconaw used Crunch by Chari-Artist 

Kay, aka Chari-Artist is a cool artist from Canada who joined the Game-Art-HQ community back in 2014 already and contributed mostly illustrations of the Legend of Zelda enemies for our big Link’s Blacklist Project yet. His take on Croconaw using the Crunch move was his first Pokemon related submission and I am pretty sure it won’t be her last one.


Have a good look at her whole gallery here!


“The user crunches up the target with sharp fangs. It may also lower the target’s Special Defense stat. “

To use the Dark-Type move Crunch on an opponent made it possible to not only inflict heavy damage, but also to lower the target’s Special Defense stats. There was a 20% chance of this happening.

Affecting Special Defense however was only possible in Generations II and III. From Generation IV and onward, it now affects regular Defense only.

Currently four Pokemon from Generation I and 2 are showing using the Crunch Move in our Art Collaboration!

Croconaw used Surf by iguancheg

Iguancheg is on deviantART since over eight years already but joined Game-Art-HQ just recently.

We got not one but three amazing illustrations of the Meganium, Magcargo and a truly spectacular version of the Surf move by Croconaw from him.

I totally recommend to have a look at his whole portfolio of Iguancheg on dA here!

The Surf Move

“It swamps the entire battlefield with a giant wave. It can also be used to cross water”

“It swamps the entire battlefield with a giant wave. It can also be used to cross water”


Surf is a damage dealing Water-Type Pokémon attack which had no side effects in the Gen I & II games but is also hitting allies since Gen IV and attacks all opposing Pokémon in Double and Tripple matches.

The Surf move can also be used to travel over the water. 

The illustrations of the Surf move tend to be among the funniest ones in our Pokemon tribute so far!

#159 – Croconaw

“It opens its huge jaws wide when attacking. If it loses any fangs while biting, they grow back in.”


Croconaw is the second form of Totodile as Generation II’s Water-type starter Pokemon. It evolves into such form at level 18, and well then evolve into its ultimate form Feraligatr at level 30.

As it is bipedal and much more comfortable walking on twos, Croconaw is rarely found hanging around the water despite it’s Water-based nature. It starts becoming more terrestrial as it wanders more inland looking for prey. It seizes such prey using its forty-eight fangs, each of which can be replaced should they fall out.

In the Pokemon Adventures manga, the rival, Silver owns a Totodile that evolves into a Croconaw and later a Feraligatr alongside the other two starters in order to fight an angered Lugia at the Whirl Pools. It loved Silver very much, despite having been stolen from Professor Elm by him.


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