Castle Crashers is a beat’em up with classic 2D graphics and gameplay, similar to older games like Final Fight or Streets of Rage but for up to four players (online as well) and many screen-filling bosses.

It was developed by the independent developer The Behemoth and first released on the Xbox 360 in August 2008. A Playstation 3 port was released in 2010, a PC Version was eventually released in 2012. The game received mainly positve review scores. 

Castle Crashers features 31 playable characters including the Alien from Alien Hominid and spans over 12 chapters with multiple stages.


Characters from Castle Crashers in the Game-Art-HQ Game Character Database:

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Official Game Art of Castle Crashers like Ads, Flyers, Renders, Wallpaper, Cover and Concept Art:


The Castle Crashers Knights – Official Wallpaper

Frost King Spotting

Pink Knight vs. Painter Boss

Beefy Sandwich

Corn Boss Popcorn Roast

Wizard Battle

Clown Princess Dance Party

Battling Knights

Troll Attack


Concept Art of Castle Crashers:

Working on the game started with this sketch of the possible characters in 2005

Barbarian Arena

Beefy Fight

Bees Enemies

First Miniboss

March Stage

Wedding Crash

Opening Scene


Castle Crashers in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects:


Castle Crashers is one of the games we covered in our Beat’em Up Tribute in 2013 and was illustrated by Mortalshinobi and Emortal982 for it.


Selected and featured Castle Crashers Fan Art:

The Castle Crashers

by  Eduardo Domínguez S.




Screenshot Gallery of Castle Crashers:

Castle Crashers Screen 1 Castle Crashers Screen 2 Castle Crashers Screen 3




Updates in the Castle Crashers Game Art and Screenshot Gallery

11.09.2017 – Creation of the Gallery