Stalfos Zelda ALBW Art for Link's Blacklist

The Stalfos return in the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Dungeons!

The Stalfos (Humanoid Skeletons) are a recurring enemy type in the Legend of Zelda since the first part back in 1986 already and returned with their LoZ ALTTP design in A Link Between Worlds, including a few more variations of them though.


GreenYosh returned as well with a new Link’s Blacklist illustration in June 2014 which was done as part of the fourth round of our big project.

He wrote the following to describe his take on the Stalfos and the experiences he had with them:

I chose to draw an enemy from A Link Between Worlds because, even though I haven’t played that game yet, I’ve only heard good things about it! When I first heard the game was coming out and that it was supposed to be a sequel to A Link to the Past (which I hadn’t played yet either but also knew it was one of the best games) I wanted to play ALttP! Then I all of the sudden found it at my sister apartment! So like and Zelda fan would do, I stole it from my sister!


But the battery inside the cartridge was broken b/c I guess you have to play the game a least once every decade or something, so it couldn’t save any files! Damn! So I had to go buy the game myself for around $30 and it was worth it! Except for the fact that I keep dying! Stupid Ice Palace! Anyways, I really enjoyed drawing this while I listened to plenty of Zelda soundtracks including ALBW ost (my favorite I think!) ALttP ost, a bit of the SS ost and lots and lots of Symphony of the Goddesses! Then towards the end I started to listen to fan made music and I actually found a lot of pretty good playlists on Youtube! 

So for this drawing I tried to incorporate the art style used in the official art for ALBW while also giving it my own style and giving it a kind of ALttP dungeon feel! I added the sparks from the fire to try and set the tone for the atmosphere and make it feel like you’re right behind Link while looking at this, but now I don’t know if I like them! Anyways, this was really fun to draw, and I’m generally happy with how this turned out and that I get to finally be part of Link’s Blacklist! And I got it done just in time!

Drawn in Sketchbook Pro 6 on the Wacom Bamboo Connect




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