Swampert using Muddy Water by ceph-eus 


Muddy Water

“The user attacks by shooting muddy water at the opposing team. It may also lower the targets’ accuracy.”

Muddy Water is a Water-Type attack that also has a 30% chance of lowering the target’s accuracy. This move does not make contact with the other Pokemon and has an accuracy of 85%.

This move was first introduced in the third generation. Swampert learns Muddy Water quite late on at level 39.

Swampert using Surf by 13alrog 


“It swamps the entire battlefield with a giant wave. It can also be used to cross water”

Surf is a damage dealing Water-Type Pokémon attack which had no side effects in the Gen I & II games but is also hitting allies since Gen IV and attacks all opposing Pokémon in Double and Tripple matches.

The Surf move can also be used to travel over the water. Like most Pokemon that learn Surf, Swampert can learn it only through HM03 (TM94 from Generation VII).


#260 Swampert

“If it senses the approach of a storm and a tidal wave, it protects its seaside nest by piling up boulders. It swims as fast as a jet ski.”

Swampert is a dual water / ground type Pokémon and the final form of Pokémon Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald starter Mudkip, being able to evolve from Marshtomp at level 36.  They often make themselves at home on beaches and other water banks.

Swampert’s strength is significantly higher than its prior evolutions, now being strong enough to swim and tow a large ship at the same time – and without anything to tow, its speed is comparable to that of a jet ski!  Its arms are so much tougher as well, now capable of dragging boulders weighing more than a ton, plus battering said boulders or their foes with a single swing.  Its fins are still very good at detecting changes in water and air, allowing it to predict storms and defend itself with a pile of boulders.  And last but not least, it has great vision that allows it to see in murkier waters.

Swampert’s first appearance in the animé was under the ownership of Tommy, whom was separated from it after a ship crash in the middle of the sea.  Originally a Marshtomp before the event, it believed that Tommy abandoned it and had grown to hate humans, decided to make the newly abandoned ship its home, defended it from intruders and evolved on its own accord.  Eventually it was re-united with its trainer, was reminded of all the good times they had together, then decided to work alongside Tommy to turn the shipwreck into a safe haven for water-type and migrating Pokémon.



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