Swampert using Muddy Water by ceph-eus 


Muddy Water

“The user attacks by shooting muddy water at the opposing team. It may also lower the targets’ accuracy.”

Muddy Water is a Water-Type attack that also has a 30% chance of lowering the target’s accuracy. This move does not make contact with the other Pokemon and has an accuracy of 85%.

This move was first introduced in the third generation.

Swampert using Surf by 13alrog 


“It swamps the entire battlefield with a giant wave. It can also be used to cross water”

Surf is a damage dealing Water-Type Pokémon attack which had no side effects in the Gen I & II games but is also hitting allies since Gen IV and attacks all opposing Pokémon in Double and Tripple matches.

The Surf move can also be used to travel over the water.




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