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Darun Mister

“In every game there are a few bigger fighters. They are usually slower but more powerful. And when they grab you you’re doomed.

In Tekken Kuma, Ganryu, Jack in Soul Calibur Rock, Astaroth in Mortal Kombat Goro, Motaro and allmost Shao Kahn ūüėÄ . So from time to time it’s a pleasure to take of more than half of life bar in 3 hit or throw combo.

As I’m sorta famous for creating art for less famous fighters this was an obvious choice :D”


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Darun Mister is an indian wrestler who appeared the first time in Street Fighter EX

He was the first character in a Street Fighter game who combined grappling moves similar to King in the Tekken games.

His appereance seems to be heavily inspired by the Wrestler “The Great Gama

It also seems like SSF IV`s Hakan was inspired by Darun Mister.

In the game he is a bodyguard of Pullum Purna, and searches worthy opponents, he heard about Zangief and decided to fight him




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