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Doctrine Dark my Entry

Doctrine Dark is one of the collection of exciting extra characters that were introduced in the EX series. Of those characters D. Dark in particular sparked my interest (quite literally). He was quite an edgy character. His story is dark and sorrowful.

The man is the classic example of an emotionally and physically wounded warrior who has been driven to psychological instability by horrific events and as such has become a lethal, unpredictable, vengeful and psychotic killer.

His manner is ruthless and his attacks with fiery explosives, his dark wire that pulls his opponent closer and vicious blade attacks are much more the stuff of Mortal Kombat than Street Fighter, specifically the character of Scorpion.

The back of his jacket is possibly a nod to Scorpion as it showcase’s the emblem of D Dark’s army unit, a scorpion. This character is at odds with other military SF characters Guile and Rolento.

When I signed on to take part in the 25th anniversary contest I knew immediately that I would try and do a character from the EX series. I chose D. Dark.

I wanted to show him in his element, sneaking stealthily along a sewer. I wanted to showcase his entire arsenal, so the wire is in his hands, the explosives are around his jacket and his knives are out and stained with blood to indicate his violent character.

This was drawn with pencil and pen, scanned and then coloured entirely in Photoshop.

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