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Garuda SFEX SF Tribute

by manguy12345

About Garuda: About his entry:

I think Garuda is one of the most underrated characters in Street Fighter EX. In fact, there really isn’t that much fanart compared to the rest of the Street Fighter universe.

This is one reason I decide to take a shot at this character. According to the game designers Garuda is the embodiment of Satsui no Hadou, the ki that emanates greatly from oneself through the darker aspects.

My piece which is a combination of traditional oil painting and digital painting from a quick sketch during a business meeting took me around 4 hours to complete. I try to give my art some motion and give the viewer the ability to hear my paintings. Some have said they can actually hear Garuda’s foot making a crunching sound as it hits the ground. Another aspect of my work is story telling. Garuda is a demon dressed in samurai-like armor wearing a skeletal mask. He is attracted by a bust attack, which is how he becomes part of the Street Fighter competition. In my painting Garuda is still a demon but he finds himself on earth but he knows no reason why. As he walks around looking for answers, he is distracted by butterflies and chases them like a child. He does not notice the greasy pizza and it will make him fall awkwardly which is uncharacteristic for a demonic entity.

Samurai is symbols of nobility. My painting represents this nobility with the landscape and trees. The butterflies represent his demons. The slice of pizza represent western culture which slides him to a different culture and eventually bringing him to understanding a new way of life.






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