Tekken 5, released in 2004 is a 3D fighting game released for the Arcade and the Playstation 2. Tekken 5 was the last Playstation 2 Tekken game and very successful, as a quite cool bonus it had the arcade versions of Tekken 1-3 on the disc and also another singple player game featuing Jin Kazama /Devil Jin with the name “Devil Within”

This gallery shows the official renders of the Tekken 5 characters released by Namco Bandai


Tekken 5 Character Renders

Anna Williams Tekken 5 Game Art

Anna Williams


Asuka Kazama

Baek Doo San Tekken 5 

Baek Do San

Bruce Irvin T5 Tekken 5 Game Art

Bruce Irvin

Bryan Fury Tekken 5 Game Art

Bryan Fury

Christie Monteiro T5 Tekken 5 Game Art

Christie Monteiro


Craig Marduk Tekken 5 Official Art

Craig Marduk


Devil Jin T5 Tekken 5 Art

Devil Jin

Eddy Gordo Tekken 5 Render Art

Eddy Gordo

Feng Wei T5 Tekken 5 Render Art

Feng Wei

Ganryu Tekken 5 Official Render Art


Heihachi Mishima Tekken 5 Official Art

Heihachi Mishima

Hwoarang Tekken 5 Official Game Art


Jack-5 Official Art of Tekken 5


Jin Kazama Tekken 5 Official Game Art

Jin Kazama


Jinpachi Mishima

Julia Chang

Kazuya Mishima

King Tekken 5 Official Game Art


Kuma Tekken 5 Official Game Art


Lee Chao Lan

Lei Wulong

Ling Xiaoyu Tekken 5 Official Game Art

Ling Xiaoyu

Marshall Law Tekken 5 Game Art

Marshall Law


Nina Williams Tekken 5 Official Game Art

Nina Williams


Paul Phoenix Tekken 5 Official Game Art

Paul Phoenix


Roger JR

Steve Fox
Wang Jinrei