Zant from Twilight Princess

Zant -The Ursurper King is one of the main antagonists in Zelda: Twilight Princess and a minion of Ganon. Some fans think that he also is a reincarnation of Agahnin from Zelda 3.

Our first entry of Zant for Link`s Blacklist was created by Forte-Girl7 who had the following description for her submission:

I was going to do a pastel version of this, because I’ve discovered a fondness of pastels, but it wasn’t going over too well, so I decided to play around with some paint options on SAI. Turned out pretty well if I say so myself and I’m pretty happy with it : )


Zant Zelda Twilight Princess Link's Blacklist 2015

My entry for the newest round of Link’s Blacklist, organised by Game-Art-HQ.
I tried to create a scene instead of just having the character on a coloured background.
I always liked the design of Zant in Zelda: Twilight Princess and his crazy helmet, so decided to go for this character in this round.

Done in Photoshop CS6 in about 8 hours.


Mike “Sarrus” Williams from the UK is a part of Link’s Blacklist and Game-Art-HQ now since years and almost every time on board when we try to tribute a video game through fan art. His next submission is one of the enemies from the Metal Slug games by SNK.



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