White Wolfos Zelda TS for Link's Blacklist

The White Wolfos is a recurring enemy type and they made their debut in Zelda: Ocarina of Time already.

While the Wolfos were¬† more like Werewolves in the earlier Zelda’s, in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess they behave and look more like real Wolves with them attacking Link in packs, like seen in our first artwork for the White Wolfos made by Keikilani

White_Wolfos Zelda Twilight Princess

There is actually a small back story behind this illustration and its artist which I believe should be shared here:

KuroiNekoSan claimed the White Wolfos months before the deadline of Link’s Blacklist Round II already, but due to an injury of her drawing arm, she could not draw for a long time.

She still wanted to deliver this submission for our project and so she started drawing the White Wolfos even when her arm started to hurt again. If that is not dedication and strong discipline I don’t know. However, I hope something like this won’t happen again since I don’t want that artist put our art projects above their own health. Link’s Blacklist is made by fans, for fans, its a hobby and fun art project and not something as serious as an important client or something! @ all artists, have fun participating and never see Game Art HQ Art Projects as work plz ūüôā


The White Wolfos from Zelda Twilight Princess returned in Link’s Crossbow Training on the Wii as well.


White Wolfos Zelda TS

White Wolfos Zelda Twilight Princess Link's Blacklist 2015

Finally my fifth entry for the Link’s Blacklist project by Game-Art-HQ¬† :aww:

My interpretation of the White Wolfos as they appear in Twilight Princess. I decided to draw them in a more realistic way, so they now look more like real wolfs with an ice mane and tail.

These enemies caught me off guard a few times ;D they can ambush Link and attack from under the snow. I tried to show the battle scene from Midnas point of view, while Link fights with one of the pack members.

I experienced a few¬†difficulties with simulating ice, so I mixed some styles…^^;


Zelda-Freak91 is one of the artists that are a part of Link’s Blacklist now since it started back in summer 2012. She was also one of the youngest artists on board and you could see how she got more and more experienced every year and added more details, light and shadow effects, etc. Am glad she is always on board!


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