Deadrock Zelda ALBW for Link's Blacklist


The Deadrock is a minor enemy which debuted in Zelda: ALTTP and returned in Zelda:Four Swords and Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Our first illustration of them was drawn by Art-Zealot as part of Link’s Blacklist Round IV in April 2014.

She wrote the following to her take on the Deadrock which takes some creative liberties on their anatomy ūüôā

“I chose the Deadrock from A Link Between Worlds, those pesky little dinosaur critters that run willy nilly all over Death Mountain. So many hearts pointlessly lost… :shakefist:

I decided to take a shot at portraying them more realistically (perhaps how they would appear in Sacred Hand). This guy is either armoring up, or coming out of his rocky camouflage to run at an unsuspecting adventurer.



The Deadrock’s appear in the Death Mountain location, to defeat them, Link should use the Hammer or Bombs Deadrock-ALBW-Screenshot

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