Super Mario World.

The big launch game for the Super Nintendo worldwide which was sold with the console itself in most regions. I was 11 when the SNES was released and wow..this game looked awesome for us kids and it really is still a super fun game to play over 20 years later.

Nintendo created one of these timeless masterpieces there ..a true classic.

Bowser abducted Princess Peach as usual, the story is almost irrelevant but allowed us to experience another great adventure with Mario and Luigi and explore the Dinosaur Land.

This game introduced Yoshi and took many elements from SMB3 like the Koopalings while it also added a ton of new gameplay elements not seen before. If I would review it, the game would still get a 10 of 10 by me without hesitation.

It’s no wonder that gamers are still creating awesome fan art for this game and I personally hope that our tributes to it in the Virtual Worlds and Mario’s Blacklist projects are living up to the high standard of Super Mario World!

Super Mario World screen


Super Mario World : An Overview

Game Name(s)
Super Mario World   Genre: Platformer
Game Series:  Mario Bros.   Sub Genre  2D Platformer
Developer:  Nintendo   Features  
Publisher:  Nintendo   Players(:)  1 at a time (Has Multiplayer up to two)
First seen in: 1990   Age Ratings E for everyone
First Releasedate November 21, 1990       
Later ported to: Game Boy Advance   GA-HQ Art Tributes: Virtual Worlds, Mario’s Blacklist
Re- Releases: Virtual Console (Wii, WiiU)        


Super Mario World in Game-Art-HQ Tributes / Art Collaborations:

SMW Virtual Worlds Art

Back in summer 2013 we started a little art collaboration about the worlds, the backgrounds and environments in video games and called it “The Virtual Worlds

Super Mario World 1 and 2 were featured in this project, SMW with an unusual illustration of the secret Outrageous stage!


 Offical Artworks & Illustrations of Super Mario World made in 1988-1991

Super Mario World SNES USA Box Art

Cover / Box Art

Super Mario World Original Game Art

Super Mario World Illustration


SMW Logo Super Mario World

Super Mario World Logo



Selected and featured Super Mario World Fan Art:

Super Mario World Art Harmony of Heroes

Super Mario World by Joel Sousa

Super Mario World star_road_by Eric DeSantis

The SMW Star Road

by Eric DeSantis

Super Mario World 1-1 by Ben Hickling

Super Mario World…HD?

by Ben Hickling

super_mario_world_by Jonatan Candeias Rolandi thumb

Mario’s Problems in SMW

by Jonatan Candeias Rolandi




Roy and Morton Koopa

by Team Lando


All Super Mario World characters in the Game-Art-HQ Database:










Princess Peach