Yoshi from the Super Mario games and his own series of games as well is super popular since he made his debut in Super Mario World in 1990 on the Super Nintendo.

The second SMW,Yoshi’s Island was totally dedicated to Yoshi and his first main protagonist role, he made it also into Super Mario Kart and its many sequels, got own Puzzle games like Yoshi’s Cookie and later his own series with the Yoshi Island games. Yoshi made it also in all the Super Smash Bros. games as a playable character.

Among gamers, Yoshi is popular as well and often drawn in a really cute style but some artists with a sense of black humor tend to draw him like an angry shy-guy eating T-Rex too…

Yoshi can use his long tongue to eat enemies and fruits, he can throw shells, breath fire and help Mario to reach places that are to high for a normal jump. There are also different Yoshi’s that can fly, stomp on the ground of have other useful abilities.


Yoshi from Super Mario Render


Yoshi from the Super Mario Games: an Overview

Charactername:  Yoshi   Developed /Created by Nintendo
Gameseries: Super Mario   First seen on: Super Nintendo 
First Game: Super Mario World   Year first seen in: 1990 
Last Game: Yoshi’s New Island   Birthplace:  
Role(s) and Characteristics: Main Protagonist, Fighting Game Character   Weapons or Martial Arts Style:  
Additional Tags:     Similar Characters:  
Has Relations to:     See also:  



Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Yoshi

Yoshi Smash Bros SSB WiiU 3DS

Super Smash Bros 4 WiiU 3DS (2014)

Yoshi Mario Kart 8 Official Game Art

Yoshi in Mario Kart 8 (2014)

Yoshi New Mario Bros. DS 2006 Art

New Super Mario Bros. (2006)




Yoshi in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects


Yoshi is not yet a part of a Game-Art-HQ Community Art Collaboration but he was drawn alongside many other characters for our SNES Art contest in April 2018


Selected Fan Art and Cosplay Photos of Yoshi

Yoshi Fan Art 1

Yoshi in the Wintertime

by Myaco

Yoshi Fan Art 2

Sleepy Yoshi

by Zoulouluvu

Happy Yoshi Nintendo

Yoshing Around!

by Fontes Makua

Yoshi Cute Fan Art Yoshi's Island

Super Cute SMW2 Art

By Orioto

Yoshi SSB Tribute

Yoshi SSB4 Tribute

by Nick Savino




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