Super Mario World Art Harmony of Heroes

Super Mario World, drawn by Joel Sousa for the Harmony of Heroes , a Smash Bros Arrangement Album by Fans!


2014 is a pretty cool year so far, especially for Game-Art-HQ and our Art Collaborations this year. We started quite big with Link’s Friendlist and the Super Metroid Anniversary Tribute,

Link’s Blacklist reached over 200 submissions in summer and we have 4 more quite big projects upcoming this year.

GA-HQ is not the only community for video game fans with artistic talents though, and while we are probably the biggest one when it comes to visual art, there are also the

big and damn awesome communities like OverclockedRemix, Dwelling of Duels or the projects like Harmony of Heroes.

These three big web projects have one thing in common in 2014, beside being responsible to create more and more awesome video game related remixes , covers or arrangements they all

worked together with Game-Art-HQ this year. I think that is an honor for us since GA-HQ is way younger than at least the first two Communities.

Be it the Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber Album, upcoming Dwelling of Duells Covers or the Harmony of Heroes album, their admins reached out to GA-HQ and great illustrations like the Super

Mario World one above made it to the download packages or websites of these projects. Am glad that I could help out and work as a middleman sometimes, combining both the visual and audio

fan art is awesome and I believe there will be more collaborations like that with our community in the future!