Gerudo Pirate Majora's Mask Link's Blacklist

The Gerudo Pirate is an enemy from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and basically replaces the Gerudo Guards from OoT there.

Gerudo Pirate in-game

In the game, they are pretty ruthless (They are Pirates after all!) and can not be befriended like in Ocarina of Time.

Our first illustration of them was done by Paper-Plate from the UK as his first GA-HQ Art Collaboration so far, he used a Pixel-Art style for this image, it is the first image in Link’s Blacklist in general which uses this method!



Gerudo Pirate Zelda Majora's Mask Link's Blacklist 2015

This has been negotiated over a year ago with Game-Art-HQ for their Link’s Blacklist project. I can’t even recall. Life’s been crazy. Started the sketch around November…ish? Last year… Yeah. Was finally able to meet the second deadline I was given now that they started their 2015 round of Link’s Blacklist

. ^^; Time…there’s never enough time, it seems.

I wanted to do a Gerudo Pirate since, at the time, they didn’t yet have one in the project, and I had thoroughly enjoyed doing Aveil for IGN’s Hyrule’s Most Wanted project a few years back. 


Oh yes, time is something we all have our problems with and delays are sometimes just un-avoidable. Back in 2014 we had only the Gerudo Guard from Ocarina of Time covered when Unilesque claimed the character. Time passed and now we have two Gerudo Pire illustrations that are quite different from each other which is no bad thing at all 🙂 


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