Moa Zelda II Link's Blacklist

The Moa are minor enemies from the Legend of Zelda II: Adventure of Link and returned only in the non-canon Zelda games on the CD-I.

These foes act similar to the Poe’s and Ghini’s in other Zelda games and attack Link in small swarms. If they touch him, Link does not only loose a big amount of health but also some of his hard earned experience points.

The Blue Moa’s which were illustrated here in Carl Chrappa‘s take on them are invisible to link if he does not have the Cross.

“If you’ve ever been to the graveyard in Zelda II, you understand the importance of the cross in that game.”

Beside the drawing, Carl also created a cosplay movie about the Moa and the peticular situation at the Graveyard!


 Moa Zelda II


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