Lynel Legend of Zelda for Links Blacklist

Be ready to meet your doom if you confronted the mighty Lynel for the first time in the classic Legend of Zelda!


“Lynel is one the hardest overworld enemies you will stumble upon and probably die at the hands of.

This lion-centaur (btw. I can’t do horse anatomy lol) thing wields a sword and shield yet attacks by throwing swords or spitting fireballs, depending on which game you’re playing.

Lynel Original Legend of Zelda Art

I wanted to make it look like what Link would see the first time he walked into Lynel territory; the moment he realized that the ruthless beast was towering over him, frozen in time. also going for that old official art look”


Nummonkee from the USA drew our first illustration of the mighty Lynel after she participated in multiple other rounds of Link’s Blacklist already. I am pretty sure we will see more from her in the future!

Have a look at her whole gallery here!


The Lynel is one of the Overworld enemies in the original Legend of Zelda and is a centaur like creature which is equipped with a Sword and Shield like Link himself. Unlike the Centaurs from the Greek Mythology, the Lynel has a Lion like head and is one of the strongest common enemies.

They come in two variations in LOZ with the blue version being the stronger one.

The Lynel enemies returned in a handful of later Zelda games, with the exception of Zelda ALTTP they are all Handheld Zelda games. The Lynel also went through some big visual changes during the games, their latest appearance was in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Other Lynel in Link’s Blacklist:

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