First of all, i am only always writing Fan Art and Cosplay Features / Blogs etc. because it seems that it helps to get more viewers.

Cosplayers are Artists for me, making a costume based on a video game character is Fan Art in the same sense than a drawn artwork, a sculpted or crafted one.


This is a new page and part of Game-Art-HQ and meant to become an archive for the weekly articles on Fridays where we feature 6 game related artworks made by fans and also the additional ones where fan art of a specific character or game is getting featured.

This page will most likely grow a lot through the months, we try to have around 5-7 articles like that online with every new month.

You are welcome to post anything related to the articles here via a comment, or directly in those articles, no matter if they are brand new or months old!

Fan-Art-Blog-Feature-4-April 2014

The Latest Fan Art Feature


April 2014

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Fan-Art-Blog-Feature-4-April 2014