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If even a Moblin from the first Legend of Zelda is nice to you, you know it is Christmas!

Back in December 2013, when almost all spots for Link’s Friendlist were claimed already, there was one more free for the original Zelda, and Skull-The-Kid from Italy, who never participated in one of our previous Art Collaborations before, wanted to draw that friendly Moblin from the Legend of Zelda!

I wrote about this guy back in Link’s Blacklist here already, but now he even got his own illustration and I can’t remember seeing another drawing of those friendly Moblin(s) ever before!

The fan art was submitted on the 23rd December, so it was super fitting to the Christmas mood and quite a cool gift for our project.

Skull-The-Kid had a theory why the Moblin was so nice:

“In this time of the year even Moblins feel like they should be more good. They give their savings to random kids for charity to hypocritically make up for all the children they normally eat.”

 Ooookay…well that explains the strange behavior…uh oh.


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