Legend of Zelda NES Old Man Cave Sword Screenshot

And so, the Legend begins…

Back in 1986 when The Legend of Zelda was released for the NES, Link finds himself on a plain map with no enemies and no weapon.

He walks to the cave in the left upper corner and finds this Old Man who tells him that it is dangerous to go alone and gives him his first Sword.



 28 years later in 2014, our second Zelda Art Collaboration starts with this old guy and that scene as well. How cool is that?

Old Man Legend of Zelda Link's Friendlist

The good old man was drawn a few times before, but never with so many details. Kichiso from Sweden made her first submission to a GA-HQ Project something truly special and we look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

Old Man Legend of Zelda Sprite


Old Man Legend of Zelda NES

Original Illustration of the Old Man


The Old Man appears in multiple places in the original Legend of Zelda and gives Link advice against Bosses or important items like the Sword.

Legend of Zelda Money Making Game NES

He also invites Link to a Mini-Game called the “Money Making Game.”

Back in the 80s, when video games were a lot simpler than today, there were rarely any other named game characters besides the protagonists and enemies. The Old Man returned in Zelda II and some of the portable Legend of Zelda games but never made it into the “Big” Zelda games again so far.


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