MegaMan Robot Masters Fan Art by Thormeister

After many League of Legends features in the last days and myself working on the Doom 20th Anniversary Tribute for next week, i found a bit time to finally be able and feature something i wanted to write about since days.


It is just two weeks until the 25th MegaMan Anniversary year ends and Capcom promised cool surprises for us fans many months ago for this year.

But the biggest positive surprise for us MegaMan fans was the Kickstarter by Keiji Inafune and his Mighty No.9 game which got a giant support by fans worldwide since the game looks basically like something we wish Capcom would have done years ago already.


That said, who knows..maybe Capcom surprises us with a new MegaMan game which is not something silly for mobiles /iOS and not a huge microtransactions shit as well. ( I don’t believe it)


Anyway, what i initially wanted to write about was this Robot Masters fan art by Thormeister, like myself a big MegaMan fan but unlike me he can actually draw very well and is just great at illustration the MegaMan characters.

He drew this one back in the summer of 2011 when UDON Entertainment asked fans to send them MegaMan fan art for an upcoming Art Tribute Book. The best submissions would be used in the book. This one by Thormeister was among them which speaks for itself or?


Thormeister also participated in our own MegaMan I 25th Anniversary Art Tribute and also in the Zelda Art Collaboration “Link’s Blacklist” . I recommend to just view his whole gallery at dA right now!



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