Mario vs Wario Art

There are a lot of fan art pieces to illustrate a battle between Super Mario and the King of the Koopa Troopers, Bowser but only a very few which Mario vs. Wario, the main antagonist of Super Mario Land 2 and star of the Wario Inc. Games.


Jeffrey ‘CHAMBA’ Cruz who draws a ton of video game related art drew the battle of the plumbers here wit Wario attacking Mario with a Big Splash it seems, i want a wrestling game with the Mario Characters 🙂



Other Super Mario related Fan Art:

Super Mario Bros Mushrooms Flowers Vegetables by Elizabeth Sherry

by Elizabeth Sherry

Super Mario Bros. Fan Art by PJ McQuade

by PJ McQuade

Super Mario Bros Mafia Style by_class34 thumb

by Eddy Shinjuku