As a SoulCalibur fan and player since 1996 when i first saw SoulEdge in a local Arcade i was quite dissapointed with SoulCalibur V last year where many of the older characters like Cassandra, Rock, Sophitia, Killik, Zasalamel or Seong Mi-Na among others were removed or changed into soul-less character clones with no own personality and moves and sometimes replaced by characters like Xiba and Natsu (urrrgh)

Cassandra was not the most original SoulCalibur character but in SC III and IV she was pretty fun to play and a great alternative to her sister Sophitia.


Please Namco…make a prequel or a complete re-take on the SoulCalibur Story just like it was done with Mortal Kombat 9 which re-telled and restarted the whole MK Story of the first three games here and filled a lot of the old plot holes and revived many dead characters.




This fan art of Cassandra in her SoulCalibur IV design was drawn by the Canadian artist Leon “Longai” JO who draws really a ton of impressive fan art, related to video games, comics, and movies among other stuff.

His gallery on deviantART is a must watch!

Cassandra SoulCalibur Fan Art



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