Super Mario Bros Mafia Style by_class34

Gangnam Style is comes the Super Mario Mafia Style!

Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach, redesigned as Mafia Clan Members..Badass Mafia Clan Members to be specific!

See..this is what i love about fan art..and about game art hq being fully independent from Nintendo, Sony, Sega etc. Those companies absolutely don’t like art like this which sets their beloved and successful game characters into a very different light and adds a flavour to them, they would never have in one of the games. Brutal Mario who kills Koopa Troopas like he is in a Mortal Kombat game? Sub Zero picking up flowers like he is..hmm..some little Pony? Sometimes it looks terrible, but in general redesigns through the imaginations of the gaming artists are whats making game related fan art often something funny and special together!

This artwork, which looks great as a wallpaper too btw. was made by the Malaysian hobbyist Class34 who got some spotlight multiple times here on GAHQ lately.

Check out the articles about his works here, and also take a look at his gallery on deviantART here