Super Mario Bros. Fan Art by PJ McQuade Zelda Wind Waker Tribute Art Metroid Tribute Fan Art by PJ McQuade

Last week a sad news made the round, Hiroshi Yamauchi the man who made Nintendo the worldwide known company it is today with Arcade games like Donkey Kong and later the Famicom / NES which was the most successful video game platform for many years. R.I.P Yamauchi San, and thanks for changing the whole world, and my own one a bit too.


To tribute this man and Nintendo a bit, there will be articles like this one which focus on classic Nintendo franchises and maybe i can write a bit about Yamauchi’s role in the development of these games a bit as well.


We start with this trio of Super Mario Bros. , Zelda: Wind Waker and classic Metroid titles illustrations drawn by PJ McQuade from the USA who made them for the 3NES group show at the Bottleneck (Brooklyn, NY) gallery. This is an art show initiated by Chogrin Muñoz. The three illustrations are also available to purchase there.




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