Back in 1987 on the 17th December, the Blue Bomber aka RockMan was released in Japan and just the first of many MegaMan games, today in 2013 it has been years since a new Game which is not a fan-game, mobile version spinoff or an 8bit re-hash got released..and the company behind games like MegaMan, Street Fighter or Resident Evil is called cRapcom by many gamers.

Many of us fans expected or hoped that there would finally be a new Mm game because of the big 25 year anniversary, but so far there is nothing announced and we have October already.

Instead there was that fan-game MegaMan X Street Fighter which got supported by Capcom and re-releases of the old MegaMan music.

There is also an OverclockedRemix MegaMan upcoming to tribute the series, just like we did here on Game-Art-HQ last December with an art tribute to all the main characters and villains of the first MegaMan game.

Once again, this album is supported a bit by Capcom which organized a little album art contest at least on their forums, but the main work is again done by us fans..not Capcom.

This artwork here with a ton of the many Robot Masters, Mavericks, of course MegaMan himself and his friends is one of the submissions for the Album cover but did not made it sadly. I thought it shows the passion of Thor Thorvaldson, Jr. aka. Thormeister from the USA for the MegaMan series though and needs to be featured here.

Thor also participated in our own MegaMan Anniversary Tribute last year btw. with a fan art which shows Cut Man in all his different designs.

I totally recommend to take a look at his gallery on dA where you can see many more art about the Blue Bomber too!





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the_blue_bomber The Robot Masters from Mega Man 1